As a military and law enforcement veteran, I make it a point to do at least four (4) donation builds each year.  I specifically do these builds for any military or law enforcement cause that requests it from me.  This year (2017) has already been booked  solid, having done two LE good cause pieces and two military (USAF Security Police/Forces) causes.

I never require payment for these builds, but I do require verification from the requesting party or organization, that the piece will be used as a donation or to generate funds for the specific cause.  If the party/organization insists on paying me something, I will usually only request postage or minimal material reimbursement fees, never full price of the item.

If you have a cause or organization that is military or law enforcement connected, feel free to contact me.  I usually require at least 4 months advanced notice due to build times and materials logistics.

Thanks for your support and God bless!

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