Welcome to Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited©

I want to welcome you to Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited, a veteran owned and operated business.


My name is Denny Furey and I am a full-time custom knife maker and bladesmith located in Spring, Texas. I specialize in self defense, fighting, military, and first responder oriented edged weapons, knives, and tools.  I am a military veteran of Operations Desert Shield/Storm/Provide Comfort and the Global War on Terrorism, having served 10-years (both active duty and reserves) in the United States Air Force Security Police/Forces.  I am also a former 20-year law enforcement veteran, having worked numerous aspects of the job from patrolman to chief of police in the state of Oklahoma.  I served in the capacity as a Senior SWAT Commander, Operator and Instructor, developing curriculum, to include edged weapons defense and application for SWAT schools.

I have been a life-long martial arts and combatives student, practitioner, and instructor; still serving as a guest instructor upon request (Furey Combatives).  This background is what started me on the road to become an avid knife collector, edged weapons student, and instructor. I also run Furey Combatives.

After relocating from Oklahoma to Texas, a close friend and a professional knife maker suggested I try my hand at making them as well, considering my background.  I jumped in with both feet and found I had an affinity at developing and producing quality knives. I have been mentored by two extremely talented blade makers, as well as completed collaboration builds with other professional bladesmiths and makers.

The unique blade designs by Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited are considered intellectual property (IP) and trademarks (TM) of this company and replicas or any variant thereof not made by or legally authorized by Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited will be considered theft.

If you are interested in having a knife commissioned and made, please feel free to contact me or visit me at:







We Made Knives Illustrated’s Cover!!!

So, I knew I had a couple blades that were going into Knives Illustrated…but I can honestly say I’m floored when a friend sent me a pic and was informed my “Greed” Coffin Nail ringed knife made the cover! Cant wait to get my issue now!

And my custom “Hōfuku” subhilt fighter also made the inside of Knives Illustrated, next to my friend, Waysun Johnny Tsai’s CUMA KAGE, he designed for TOPS.

Hurricane Interruption


Just FYI, both Marco and Laura are tracking towards me…Marco sometime tomorrow and Laura on Wednesday/Thursday. I won’t be doing much this week except prepping for the storms. So, there will be a week delay on current orders.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.


Commission Book Spots

I have three (3) spots for commissions on my books. These are first come, first served and must be secured with a deposit. The policies/procedures for commissions are on the websites “About” page and must be completely understood by the client before taking a slot.

Current turnaround is 6-8 weeks, but I have been running slightly ahead of schedule.

Please email interest to dfurey71@yahoo.com and put in the body of the email what you would like to commission and that you read and understand the process.

Thank you,