1. Meet the Maker Interview with Denny Furey conducted by Shadow Warriors:


2. Introduction of the Resukyu Friction Folder project:

3. Interview on Active Shooter response for the everyday citizen:

4. Blade Magazine – Knifemaker Showcase – August 2017

5. Online Blade Magazine – 20 Custom Knives Moms Want for Mother’s Day – One of my QDK (Quick Defense Knife) Neckers – May 2017


6. Blade Magazine – What’s New – September 2017

7. Blade Magazine Online – 4th of July Special – July 2017


8. Blade Magazine Online – Hunting Special – August 2017


9. Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine Online – Hunting Knife Special – August 2017

10. Erin at Blade – Blog by Blade Magazine Editor – Knife Photography – September 2017


11. Blade Magazine-Online – GITD Halloween edition special – October 2017

6 Knife Handles That Glow In The Dark

12. Defender Magazine – Featured Article – December 2017


13. My Sukina hunter/skinners were featured in the January 2018 edition of Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine in an article titled “Dream Blades for Trappers”

14. Radio Interview on All Business FM – January 2018


15. Honored to have one of the versions of my “Bossuru” Combat Western Tanto in the spring edition of Prepper Survival Guide magazine.

16. Honored to have an article written by the company MetaVR, who sponsored a build of knives to go to USAF TACP who have orders down-range.


16. Honored featured on Blade Magazine’s FaceBook and Instagram pages for an upcoming contest they are putting on.

17. Honored to have the “Giman” Ringed EDC knife featured in the upcoming Prepper Survival Guide Magazine. It always has excellent gear and content…pick up a copy when it comes out in January 2020.

18. Mentioned in an article of attendees for Blade Show 2018:


19. I am very honored and humbled to have an article on me and my knives in the online magazine/blog, Knife & Gear Society. It is a great online source of information for knives and EDC gear.

I want to thank Waysun Johnny Tsai for the interview and editor, Josh Swanagon, for an amazing article.


20. Honored to have been featured in Knife Magazine’s

“5 From the Grinder” section of their online magazine.


21. A “Greed” Coffin Nail Ringed Dagger made the cover and inside (page38) of the January/February 2021 Knives Illustrated issue; as well my custom “Hōfuku” Subhilt Fighter on page 36 of the same issue.

22. Honored to have an article written on me and my TACP/JTAC fighter on My Tactical EDC web magazine and on the Facebook page The Truth About Guns.


23. Custom Blades on KARAMBIT.COM!

Fully custom, handmade “Shōgun” folding karambits from Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited.

24. Article Mention Blade Magazine – 2017


25. Online Article – 2022


26. Interview by Doug Marcaida at the Texas Custom Knife Show – 2022


27. Featured article on my “Yasei” EDC knife model in the January 2023 edition of Backwoods Survival Guide.

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