Handle materials differ from knife to knife, depending on what the customer wants to have on their build.

Availability of materials utilized for the handle scales  may possibly be on hand in stock or be limited .  Other materials, especially custom scales, may require special order from suppliers, which in turn will add to the build’s turnaround time line.

These materials are epoxied to the tang of the blade or made removable.  Use of brass, stainless steel, phenolic, and carbon fiber pins or tubes are used when using epoxy to avoid slippage of the handles scales.  I f made removable, various screws, barrels, or nuts may be utilized.

The following are some of the materials used:

  1. G10 (high pressure fiberglass laminate, either in single or multiple layered colors)
  2. Micarta (resin infused and stabilized with paper, linen, canvas, or burlap)
  3. Stabilized woods
  4. Bone and antler (This includes mammoth. Mammoth is rare and expensive, so if it is requested the cost of this material is due up front to obtain from my supplier.)
  5. Resins and acrylics (some may utilized aluminum cores). These are often brittle and can crack if dropped).
  6. Hybrids, using a mix of woods and resins
  7. Carbon Fiber
  8. Carvex (graphic printed paper and resin with various designs). Basically paper micarta.
  9. 6061 Aluminum
  10. Mokume gane (hand forged non-ferrous damascus using copper, nickel, sliver, brass)