Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited provides the development and production of quality custom knives and accessories that are utilized for practical application for self-defense, military, law enforcement, and other first responder utilization, as well as hunting/skinning, kitchen, and EDC blades and tools.

100% American Made!

We also produce EDC items such as pocket tools, and prybars, just to name a few.

Denny Furey is a Lone Star Member of the Texas Knifemaker’s Guild.


Denny Furey is an Apprentice Bladesmith with the American Bladesmith Society (ABS).

Those interested in a solid custom knife or accessory, you can contact us, discuss specific ideas, and commission a new knife or request one that is already produced. Prototypes are constantly being developed for production and sale.

Custom Build/Payment Policy:

Custom Orders requires at a minimum the 1/2 of agreed upon price as a non-refundable retainer, and the last 1/2 upon completion, before shipping. The buyer may choose to pay the full agreed upon price up front at their discretion.

Transactions are conducted through PayPal, using Goods & Services to ensure security for both the customer and Furey’s Urban Combat Knives.  Furey’s Urban Combat Knives will not ship until the commissioned item has been paid in full and verified. No personal checks or Money Orders accepted.

Turnaround times are discussed during the planning stage with the customer. These times vary upon the current number of orders, logistics of materials not on hand, oversight of possible unexpected incidents (ie: equipment failure/maintenance, illness, etc.), and other calculated considerations.

Any and all requested changes after the build is agreed upon will result in up-charges. Changes include, but are not limited to, blade style (prior to cutting the blank), handle and fastening materials, sheath material or style, etc.

Special materials that are not kept in stock such as certain steels, handle materials, colored kydex/Holstex, exotic leather, hardware, carry methods, etc. will incur additional cost, which will be paid up front and added to the initial deposit. If these are requested after the build has started, they will be treated as aforementioned changes and will result in additional charges, cost, and possible extension of turnaround times.





• The COA/Warranty covers issues with the purchased blade or tool that inhibit it’s performance and damage that may occur with proper use of said knife or tool. Improper use of said knife or tool that causes damage to it, the user, or another party nullifies the Warranty. Only knives made as “throwing” knives will be covered by the Warranty if the damage is caused by throwing use…this does not entail “all” blades sold. Also, allowing another party or business to work on, modify, or perform any service on a blade made by Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited, which results in the need for corrections or addressing damage will not be covered by the Warranty and will incur service fees.

• International customer’s shipping costs are not included in the price and will be added onto the final payment of the build.  Also, due to varying custom’s regulations for different countries, shipping internationally is at the buyer’s own risk and Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited will not be held liable or accountable for seizures of items purchased that are shipped to international destinations and subject to possible seizure. Again, all risk for international shipments are the buyers, including all costs.

Also, sales are conducted in US dollars (USD). No foreign currency value is accepted.

Legal Advisements

The unique blade designs by Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited are considered intellectual property (IP) and trademarks (TM) of this company and replicas or any variant thereof not made by or legally authorized by Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited will be considered theft and legal action will be pursued.

• It is the customer’s responsibility  to check with their country’s, state’s, county’s, or local knife laws prior to purchase.

• Knives and EDC items are tools that hold inherent danger with their possession and use. The customer must use the items purchased from Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited responsibly to avoid any possible unnecessary injury to themselves or others. The customer takes full responsibility of their actions with said purchased items to include injury to themselves or others as well as property

• Furey’s Urban Combat Knives-Unlimited (F.U.C.K.-U), it’s business name, acronym, makers mark, symbols and likenesses are copyrighted/All Rights Reserved and trademarked.

• Copyright @2018

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