Here is what you need to know to care for your Knife:

Carbon Steel

1 Hone your knife when necessary.

2 Wipe your knife clean after each use with a dry clean cloth. If you fail to do so, you could allow for rust to form and damage your blade.

3 Wash your knife when possible after use to remove any residue or substances that could result in rust formation. Use warm water and soft cloth. Do not wash with any other items, especially in the dishwasher


4 Hand-dry your knife immediately after cleaning.

5 Treat with 3-in-oil, mineral oil (especially if used on food), or Renaissance Wax to prevent corrosion.

6 Store knife is a dry environment. If carried in a leather sheath, remove before storing it.

Stainless Steel

1 Stainless Steel is rust/corrosion resistant, not rust/corrosion-proof, so the same measures utilized on carbon steels can be used on stainless as well.

***You, the owner of the knife, is ultimately responsible for the care of your implement***