Because each knife is dependent on the model and materials selected and/or requested by the customer commissioning the build, pricing is on a case by case basis for most models.

Items listed under the Available Items page are set prices and are usually rotation blades made during custom order batches.

Some materials require special order and funds for those materials are due up front by the requesting customer.  For example, Mammoth is rare and expensive, so if it is requested the cost of this material is due up front to obtain from my supplier.

Large, single customer orders, exceeding 5 knives or more, will require 2/3rd of the total amount up the entire project up front and the final 1/3rd upon completion, before shipping. Turnaround time will also be longer due to the number of items, logistics, the hands-on work, and other orders that were on the books prior to the large order.

We do not have “wholesale” pricing as these are custom blades and not mass produced.

Any discounts will be announced during the sale.