Furey’s Urban Combat Knives -Unlimited utilizes booking commissioned builds of custom knives and tools in order to ensure realistic turnaround times for the customer once a booking is finalized and official.  In order to have a knife commissioned, the customer must contact me and “hammer out” the details of the build, to include design, materials, timeline/turnaround, and price.

The current books re-opened on February 10th, 2017 and orders have been steadily pouring in and extending the turnaround time from start to finish.  When the books open, initial turnaround is usually between 30 to 45 days and grows as the influx of orders continues.  Many custom makers let their books extend out to turnaround times in excess of 1 to 2 years in some cases.  I strive to not let the turnaround exceed 180 days at the maximum, so when that threshold is reached, I close my books until orders are caught up.

During the “closed” books, I still produce new “one-off” knives and rotation (regularly produced) knives to be sold and raffled.  The current turnaround in  60 to 70 days.

If you are interested in a custom build, you will find the Custom Build/Payment Policy on the “About” page.  Please contact me to get your custom knife underway!


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