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Knife Designs

As advised in the “About” section of my website, I WILL NOT make an exact copy of another maker’s knife design for a customer’s build.

If you want that exact knife, but it from them!

Thank you,


Custom Orders Announcement and New Process

Beginning on Monday July 9th, 2018 at 5:00 pm CST, the books will be open for custom orders.

New Process:

-Due to ongoing projects, new product development, and making new items for regular rotation sales, only ten (10) custom orders will be taken at a time.

-This is to allow for me to continue the previously stated task and attempt to keep turnaround times low (looking at 30-45 days per batch).

Continued Process:

-Payment policy remains the same, which is 1/2 of the agreed upon price deposit, and the final 1/2 upon completion, before shipping.

-To refrain from repeating over and over, all policies are listed here:

Other Information:

-There are still items available for sale at reduced prices (here):

-Please do not start making requests until the above listed date and time for custom orders. Continue to contact for items that are currently for sale.

Thank you for you business and support!


Movie Blades…

These are the blades for Cung Le’s new movie (tentatively called ‘The Target’) that will start filming soon. These are my new Model called the “Arashi”, Japanese for Storm. The top is Cung’s live Blade in Nitro-V stainless steel, matte black H-Series Cerakote, black G10 handle scales on red G10 liners and stainless steel pins and tube. The other black models are made of 6061 aluminum and will be used as trainers/props, and SFX. The other is for the female lead. It is made of 1095, polished, with red G10 handle scales on black G10 liners, with stainless steel pins and tube.

Movie knife progress…

Here is the finished live blade, trainer/prop, and SFX prop for the film with Cung Le. I’ve also been asked to make a different version for the female lead in the film as well. The movie is tentatively called “The Target”.

On the horizon….

This has been under wraps for awhile, but was given the go ahead to let the cat out of the bag.

I was honored to be approached by MMA World Champion, actor, and producer, Cung Le, to produce a unique ringed fighter to be used in one of his upcoming films. The set includes a live blade (top) made of CPM 154 with black G10 handle scales on red G10 liners, and affixed with stainless steel pins and tube. The prop/trainer (middle) is 6160 brushed aluminum with the same handles, and the SFX prop (bottom) is also of 6061. All with be receive H-Series matte black Cerokote. I give you the “Arashi”, Japanese for Storm.

I am truly humbled to be a part of this. Completed pics coming soon.