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Limited Commission Spots

I currently have 3 commission spots available to be started this week and next. If you want on the books for one of the spots, please read and thoroughly understand the process on the “About & Policies” page of the website (link below), then email me at with what you want built and that you understand and agree to the policies.

About & Policies

Thank you

Another Magazine Feature!

Honored to share that the “Greed” Coffin Nail Ringed Dagger will appear in the next issue of Prepper Survival Guide Magazine, which should hit the stands in April 2021.

Advisory: Current orders

Please be advised:

If I haven’t responded to your messages, I apologize. We lost power for over 36 hours in my area of Texas, and it has been in the single digits temperature wise. We now have power in bursts for short periods. I have not been able to work in the shop at all due to the weather and power issues.

Please bear with me.