Advisory: Current orders

Please be advised:

If I haven’t responded to your messages, I apologize. We lost power for over 36 hours in my area of Texas, and it has been in the single digits temperature wise. We now have power in bursts for short periods. I have not been able to work in the shop at all due to the weather and power issues.

Please bear with me.

Commissioning Policy Update

I am revising the payment section of the commission process due to issues arising with potential customers agreeing to a commission spot on the books, then either dragging out making their deposit/payment, or simply not paying at all.

Just like many small businesses, this is how I make my living and I simply can not afford to deal with this nonsense any longer. The caveat is as follows:

*NOTE: Customers who are securing an official spot the books, MUST make their deposit or full payment within 24 hours of notification of their spot or the spot will be re-opened and given to the next person in line. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Thank you,

Denny Furey