-Starting this evening, Saturday May 16th, 2020, at 6:00 PM/CST, I will begin taking the purchases for the items that were slated for Blade Show and are now listed on the “Currently Available Items” page of the website.

-I will only take purchase requests through either the website contact page or my email at and there is NO list of buyers being started prior to the aforementioned time.

-I WILL NOT respond or consider any attempts at purchases prior to the latter stated date and time, so be vigilant and ready.  The items are “first come, first serve” as I am trying to be as fair as possible to everyone that wants a blade.  I will go through the messages and will take the first person who wants that purchase.

-Payments must be made immediately once you have been verified as the first buyer of the item. There absolutely not be any reserves or holds on items until a later date for payment.  If the payment is not received within 1-hour from the time I acknowledge you as the first purchaser, the item will remain for sale and you will be knock from the list.  It may sound harsh, but I have to be fair to everyone.

-Payments will be made through PayPal Goods and Services.  Do not send any funds until you have determined to be the purchaser.  Also, DO NOT make any notes to what the purchase is for in the PayPal notes.  If you must put something, use “CUSTOM”.

With all this being said, thank you and good luck!





Please pay attention to all details included in this posting

-Sometime this weekend (May 16th and 17th, 2020) I will be adding blades for sale to the “Currently Available Items” page on my website.

-The announcement for the sale posting will be going through the Announcements Blog on the website. Anyone who has not done so yet, go to the main page and subscribe to the blog. This is how I will be making said announcements from today and on, as it is very time consuming going to each social media platform, groups, etc. and posting individually.

-The Blog will send a notification to the email you signed up with when I make any announcements.

-I will not be posting a list before hand as to what items will be available, because honestly, I haven’t determined what ones I will be retaining.

-I will not allow reserves on items, as I am trying to be as fair as possible to all those who have shown interest or are interested it purchasing one of my knives. Items are first come, first served on the purchases, so stay frosty.

-I will only take purchase requests through either the website contact page or my email:

-The announcement with be labeled “Not Going to Blade Show Sale”, as I had to cancel due to their date change. (We will be there in 2021).

I want to thank everyone for your support, because without you, I couldn’t do what I love.

Good luck,