Many Thanks


After five days of hurricane and tropical storm Harvey, the sun broke through here in Houston. 

I want to thank all my family, which includes friends and customers like, for all your support and for checking in on us throughout the disaster. We fared better than many others, so please do what you can to donate or send support to those who lost everything.  
Set aside the differences, political, racial, or what have you, and help one another.  

Thank you again,

Hurricane Harvey

Ladies and Gents
Just FYI, due to the hurricane the opening of my books may be delayed at least four weeks. The storm took an odd turn and we are getting pummeled with rain. Everything around us is currently flooded and we are stuck in place.

Many Thanks…

I wanted to state my appreciation and thanks for all the support from my customers, followers, family and friends.  I started on the journey as a knifemaker a year and a half ago, but never expected the response and success I have encountered in such a short period of time.  I have been published in main knife periodical, Blade Magazine, both their hard copy and online magazine, on numerous occasions, as well as having my work paid tribute to in a large number of knife groups and pages.

I know that none of this would be possible without the support and patronage of those of you that put your faith in me.  I just need to say thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

Thank you,